During La Biennale di Venezia | Palazzo Bembo | EXILES | Xenia Hausner

During La Biennale di Venezia | 57th International Art Exhibition


Xenia Hausner

Personal Structures: Crossing Borders
13.05 – 26.11.2017
Riva del Carbon # 4793, 30124 Venezia, Italy

It‘s the silence that touches you first. These are farewells, but there are no requests or reas-surances, no last greetings or promises. The protagonists are mute. A little boy is lifted up to the window, but even he seems to be stret-ching out his hand without a word toward one of the passengers in the compartment. The par-ticipants speak with their hands. They are not gesticulating – they are reaching out, holding on, pointing to something invisible.
What kind of silent farewells are these? Why do these searching pairs of eyes never meet? And why do some of the figures reappear in the three scenes in different groupings and on dif-ferent trains? What kind of journey are they re-ally embarking on?

A disturbing new perspective on the travelers slowly intensifies. Isolated from one another, gesticulating silently, they are enclosed in a latent panic. They are fighting for a place, for room to breathe, pressing themselves towards the open window, smothering one another. They are not tourists, nor are they refugees – they are on a journey whose terminus they themsel-ves don‘t know. The train compartments were once part of an orderly network of timetables and destinations (the numbers on the carria-ges still show signs of this), but they long ago fell into disrepair, were several times repainted, changed owners, purposes, end stations, and now, in the age of air travel, have become cu-rious anachronisms. The travelers themselves are young, dressed in modern clothes, part of a different world. Yet they are not looking forward to what awaits them. They are too alone, too occupied with fighting for their own survival.
from Philipp Blom  “Three Farewells – Submerged” Translation: Veronica Buckley



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